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VHS Learning at Al-Mamoor School


Al-Mamoor School is proud to have partnered with VHS Learning, a non-profit that provides world-class online programs to students and schools everywhere. We partner with VHS Learning to provide grade 10-12 students access to a catalog of fully online AP Courses.

How does VHS Learning work?

  • Each class is led by a teacher and consists of students from around the world giving students the opportunity to work with a diverse group of peers.
  • Classes average 21 students to maximize student-to-student and teacher-to-student interaction.
  • Classes are paced and have weekly due dates for assignments, group work and discussion posts.
  • Students can access their course work anywhere they have internet access and are not required to log in at a certain time each day.
  • Classes include group projects, interactive lessons, and group discussions and give every student a chance to participate and be heard in class.
  • Al-Mamoor School will grant credit to students who successfully complete VHS Learning classes.

To learn more about a week in the life of a VHS Learning student, click here: https://vhslearning.org/students.

If you would like to register for a VHS Learning class, please complete the VHS Learning course application form and submit it to the office at almamoorschool@gmail.com

Students enrolling in AP courses with VHS Learning must be in grade 10-12 & have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

VHS Course Registration Form

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About VHS Learning

VHS Learning was the first in the nation to provide online classes for high school students and connect them to teachers and other students around the world. VHS Learning offers schools the ability to expand their catalogs and offer classes for which there may be limited demand since the school does not need to fill the classes.

AP Courses & Their Benefits

AP Courses are optional college level courses that students can take in high school. At Al-Mamoor School, we have partnered with VHS Learning to offer students a wide catalog of AP courses. The benefits of taking AP courses are as follows:

  • Weighted GPA – AP Courses are graded on a weighted scale. All AP courses receive a 1.0 GPA weighted increase on student transcripts. If your child earns a 3.2 on an AP course, s/he would receive a 4.2 on his/her transcript. For information on traditional GPA scales, see here: https://pages.collegeboard.org/how-to-convert-gpa-4.0-scale. To view your child’s high school transcript, visit the office anytime.
  • College Application – Colleges value students who demonstrate the ability to perform in AP courses since they are college level courses.
  • Saves Money – Students who perform well on standardized AP exams could earn college credits and be exempt from one or more college course.
  • College Prep – AP courses offer students an early preview of what college level courses are like.
  • Resume Building – High school students are required to develop resumes for jobs, colleges, or both, and AP courses are an excellent feature of a high school resume.
  • Teaches Time Management Skills – AP Courses are college level courses that require consistent study habits. Students enrolled in AP courses often learn essential time management skills before going to college, which proves indispensable throughout their college career.

VHS Learning Testimonials

My experience in VHS Learning has been great. There is sufficient time to complete assignments and the workload is not too substantial.


Ratul Rayan – AP English Literature and Composition

I really enjoy learning at VHS, its AP English Literature and Composition Course is great. It’s providing me the preparation I need to take the AP exam and its giving me the experience of a college level class. The teachers are very active and are always there if I need help anything. It is a great place to take an AP course.


Umma Habiba– AP English Literature and Composition

Very beneficial for my academic status and experience. I experienced a rough start to the course, but I became smoothly adjusted. Nowadays, what students fear to be so much writing and stress has become habitual for me.


Rayin Ahsan– AP English Literature and Composition

This was my first year transitioning to online school and my first time taking AP courses. It was a challenge transition given that I am taking two online AP courses, and I began one week late due to late registration. However, due to VHS’s accommodating and understanding system, I easily got back on track. VHS has grown on me and I celebrate being part of the program. It takes a while to get adjusted, but your instructors are always there if you want to shoot them a private message about your grade or an extension. VHS is very understanding toward the student and their needs. It can be hard to find an online service that caters to your needs as a student, but VHS is the closest thing to compensate as we take on this abrupt transition to remote learning.


Rabia Raziq– AP English Literature and Composition; AP United State Government and Politics

Initially, VHS was nerve wracking given that we were expected to take an AP course online. Almost 12 weeks in and I can say that my views were completely inaccurate. The course is very well prepared and the instructors are helpful and understanding. Plus, the lessons are arranged in a way where we as students can see ourselves improving in every aspect.


Zahraa Rakka – AP English Literature and Composition

My experience in VHS Learning is remarkable because I’m much more active in doing all my assignments and it pushes me to try harder every time I log in. Even though we are self-studying, it helps us in the future when we go to college because college will be similar to VHS. The teachers and classmates are great and we are there for each other. If I have a question, my classmates or my teacher will answer right away. I love how VHS is very organized because it follows a set schedule and all the assignments are there, in order, from the very beginning. Before enrolling with VHS, you need to have time management because that’s what one thing VHS requires since time management is needed for college. I would recommend everyone enrolls in VHS Learning because it will help you in so many ways that you can’t even imagine.


Zahor Ahmad – AP English Literature and Composition

VHS was definitely challenging to familiarize with due to their complex teaching methods that differ from what I’m accustomed to. Although it was difficult to adjust, this program has many benefits in order to open new topics for students to expand their knowledge and creativity. For one, I have noticed my writing progress significantly throughout this course. Additionally, it gives students the opportunity to adapt to the challenges an individual may face in regular college courses. I highly recommend considering this for the following students to take advantage of this program and sign up to VHS Learning.


Lenah Shehada– AP English Literature and Composition

VHS has definitely been a different experience, but enjoyable. VHS makes a heavy workload easier to handle and simpler to understand. The lessons we cover in VHS are very useful for the AP exam at the end of the year. I’d be happy if we had VHS again next year.


Tamana Jabbar– AP English Literature and Composition

I have mixed opinions on VHS Learning, but overall, my experience with VHS was not so great. It gets very stressful and overwhelming at times and it is very easy to fall off track due to the workload. However, I did like that we were provided with instructors that were eager to assist in any way and a website that is well organized and easy to navigate through.


Arman Chowdhury– AP English Literature and Composition

Since my changing of school and my first year being in Al-Mamoor, it’s been difficult and chaotic but after settling on the second term it became much easier and easy to work with. The communication is good too; reach out to the teachers whenever you need help. It was not the best but overall it was a first experience and I look forward to more classes.


Tasfia Sukur– Climate Science

I would describe my experience with VHS Learning to be fairly good. It was hard at first to balance a schedule to complete all my assignments, but I’ve gotten better at finishing them on time. Sometimes it can take time for the instructor to respond if I have any questions or concerns, so I’ve learned to try to ask them beforehand if anything comes up, but it still doesn’t guarantee a response from them quickly. Other than that, VHS Learning has become easier to use, the tools needed to understand the material is given, and we can finish our assignments at our own time and at our own pace. The material itself can be a bit tricky sometimes, but when we get feedback for our assignments, we have the chance to improve on our mistakes. However, feedback is not always given from the instructor or it can be vague. I think it’s important to have a good relationship with the instructor so they can respond to us and help us, but in general I like learning at VHS and I’ve gotten used to the work I’m expected to do.


Humayra Hafsa– AP English Literature and Composition

I would consider my experience with VHS Learning to be great so far. At first, it was difficult for me to adjust to the workload and the deadlines that we had, but as the weeks continued to pass by, I was slowly able to adapt more and create a schedule that allowed me to submit my assignments on time. Whenever I face any difficulty with assignments or such, I am able to contact my instructor who then responds very quickly and helps me solve my problem. The assignments are not as hard as I had initially thought it to be. If I ever have any mistakes in my work, my instructor gives me useful feedback on how I can improve and avoid these same mistakes next time. At first, I had my doubts about VHS Learning because I had never experienced an online course like this before, and I was unsure if I would be able to do well in this class since it was a new way of learning for me, but after a few weeks, I was able to adjust to the changes and become accustomed to the type of work that we do in the class and get used to all of the deadlines for the assignments.


Sifatun Noor– AP English Literature and Composition