Non Discrimination Policy

Al Mamoor’s policy is to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, sex, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status or sexual orientation in accordance with all applicable laws, directives and regulations of federal, state and city entities. This policy applies to all the terms and conditions of employment including, but not limited to hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfer, leave of absence, compensation and training. Advancement to positions of greater responsibility is based on an individual’s abilities and demonstrated performance.

Our vision of Al-Mamoor School to be a place where students are cognitively challenged, are free to take intellectual risks, practice their Islam, and develop strong manners and etiquettes. As such, we have expectations of our students; we want to do everything we can to enable them to reach new heights. At times that means inspiring students by utilizing a plethora of strategies, and at times that means, unfortunately, taking disciplinary action. 


Al-Mamoor School has a high standard of education. All students KG-2nd grade will be assessed using the Terra Nova exam. From 3rd grade and up, all students are required to take New York State Exams. Promotion in our school is based collectively on the state exams, Terra Nova exam, and teacher’s assessment.

Students will be required to repeat classes, if he/she fails two major courses (ELA & Math) or one major and two minors. Al-Mamoor School has the right to deny promotion within the school for a student if he or she does not meet our standards.

Dress Code:

School dress code dictates that boys wear a maroon polo shirt and grey dress or khaki pants. Girls wear maroon dresses and white hijabs (scarves).  

If a student does not come in uniform, their parents will be required to deliver their child’s uniform to them in school, or the student will return home, change into the uniform, then return to school


All students are required to maintain and follow proper Islamic etiquettes. Al-Mamoor staff will ensure that all students are respectful to one another. Bullying, insulting, and improper usage of language is not acceptable and will result in action taken by the administration; to be determined at that time. Fighting will result in automatic expulsion/suspension from school.

Al-Mamoor School’s policy requires students to follow proper Islamic etiquettes. Any form of bullying and/or usage of improper language will result in action taken as seen fit. Fighting will result in automatic expulsion/suspension (tuition will not be reimbursed). Students will be suspended if they forges their parents’ signature. Students will receive zero or no credit if they are caught cheating or plagiarizing. 


All students are encouraged to participate in the various competitions the school holds. All competitions are judged either in-house and/or with outside judges. Parents and students are not to interfere, argue, or second guess a judge’s decision. 

Being Respectful to staff:

All faculty members must be spoken to respectfully and no one should raise their voice. Any communication with a faculty member, should be conducted within the office or a classroom, and by appointment. Faculty members have the right to walk away and not communicate with parents and/or students in public or around others. If any teacher or student is insulted, threatened, or provoked, you will be required to leave the premises and can be denied future access. 


Good attendance is essential for a successful school year. Students who are absent for 18 or more days throughout the school year will have their graduation suspended until they attend summer school. Students who are absent for 18 or more days and do not attend summer school will have their graduation evaluated; the student will likely be made to repeat the grade. Every six (6) tardies will be considered as one (1) absence.


Students are not permitted to have phones with them during school hours. If a student would like to bring a phone, they are to submit it to the office before the school day starts, and then retrieve it after dismissal. Students caught with phones during school hours will have it confiscated. First confiscation: parents are required to visit the school to pick up their child’s phone. Second confiscation: the administration will hold onto the student’s phone for one week, after which parents are required to visit the school to pick up their child’s phone. Third confiscation: student will be suspended.

Repeated Offenses:

Repeated offenses will result in growing disciplinary measures being taken. Multiple detentions will lead to suspensions, and multiple suspensions will lead to expulsion.   First serious offense: 1 day suspension. Second serious offense: 3 day suspension. Third serious offense: 5 day suspension. Fourth serious offense: expulsion.