Meet our Board of Directors

Our Principal Message 

Mission of Al-Mamoor school

The mission of Al-Mamoor is to be a school that provides students with the opportunity to succeed academically while maintaining an Islamic environment. Our teaching practices focus on the moral, spiritual and academic development of our children with an emphasis on critical thinking and diversified learning.

Vision Al-Mamoor

To help foster love, appreciation, and an understanding of Islam in our students, and through a rigorous academic curriculum, prepare them to become critical thinkers who actively participate in enriching our society.



Established since 2003

Founded in 2003, Al-Mamoor School began with a vision and a dream; to build a school for the community that promotes strong ethics in academics and a firm education in Islamic Studies and Quran in a safe and nurturing environment. We began with one kindergarten class with 18 students and through dedicated students, parents, and staff, the school continued to grow from a masjid in a basement to a school building with a capacity for 250 students. Inshallah we are now working on a project that will be a facility for over 500 students and be a center for our entire community.

Principal’s Message

In the name of Allah, the beneficent the merciful.

As salaam alaykum,

I would like to welcome our parents, students and staff to Al-Mamoor’s website. At Al-Mamoor we believe the key to success is collaboration and cooperation. Our school strives to provide students with a sound education with an emphasis on academic and spiritual growth. As the Principal of Al-Mamoor, I want to stay true to the values of this school and provide students with all the tools necessary to succeed.

In order to make this year a success and foster the love of education in our students, I ask that all parents work with us wholeheartedly. I am very pleased to say that, at Al-Mamoor, we have a highly dedicated and qualified staff that always keeps in mind the best interests of all our students. Our staff utilizes many different teaching strategies to educate all our students and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. The communication between staff, students, and parents is the key to success and progress. Our goal is to make sure that all students are provided with:

1. A safe and nurturing environment to help foster the spiritual, social and intellectual growth of our students.

2. A rigorous academic curriculum that focuses on New York State standards with the incorporation of the many Next Generations standards.

3. Instruction that will prepare students to succeed in high school, college and their professional pathway.

Currently, we offer many programs and activities to our students. These programs include our Title 1 after school tutoring, Saturday Enrichment program, SAT courses in partnership with Princeton review, MCN youth program, and various clubs that cater to the interests of our students.

We are working to provide our students with an Islamic environment that will instill in them the values that are necessary to build their character and connection with Allah (SWT). Our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, had said, “When the human being dies, his deeds end except for three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.” Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 163.

Please remember my door is always open, and I encourage dialogue that is focused on bringing about positive change. May Allah help us in all our efforts and keep our children on the straight path. Ameen.