Tuition Information

Tuition & fees collected are used to finance staff salary, student resources, and school maintenance. As a Non-Public Islamic School, nearly all our funding is procured from tuition, registration and supply fees, and donations. Below is a table detailing our tuition and payment plans. Note, NY State Public Schools received an average of $24,040 per student in 2017-2018 from federal, state, and local funding. The funding we receive per student is exclusively from tuition and registration/supply fees. We are able to operate effectively because of the sacrifices and dedication of our staff, and the generous donations of our community.

Tuition, School Supplies and New Registration Fees.

Al-Mamoor School – Tuition and Discounts

Tuition Rate


Annual [2018-2021]




First child

$ 480

$ 4,560

$ 4,800

5% / Full Pay
2nd child

$ 432

$ 4,104

$ 4,320

3rd child

$ 384

$ 3,648

$ 3,840

4th child

$ 336

$ 3,192

$ 3,360

5th child

$ 288

$ 2,736

$ 2,880


$ 240

$ 2,400

$ 2,400

50% Discount
Note: 5% discount for payment of full tuition at start of school year
Registration (New Enrollment)

$ 150


School Supplies (Annual)

$ 200


Payment Options

Tuition payments are preferred via Gradelink. Payments can also be made via three alternatives detailed below:

  1. Gradelink: eCheck, Debit card, and Credit card payments are made directly on Gradelink. Parents can also set up monthly autopay on Gradelink. Payments on Gradelink can only be made on a web browser and using a Parent account. To learn more about Gradelink, click here
  2. Website: Debit card and Credit card payments can be made on our school website here
  3. Phone: Debit card and Credit card payments can be made over the phone during school office hours.
  4. In-Person: Cash, Credit card, Debit card, and Check payments can be made at the office anytime during school office hours.

First Tuition Installment

Because of our limited space, failure to issue the first monthly installment by the 7th of September may result in your child losing his/her place in the classroom. Students waiting for open seats will be allocated your child’s place. A seat for your child cannot be guaranteed if the first payment is not issued on time.

Additional Fees & Late Penalties

  • Student incurred fees: Students taking PSAT, SAT, AP exams must pay the college board published fees separately. Students may also incur voluntary fees for trips and events.
  • Tuition Late Fees: For students on monthly payment plans, failure to pay by the 7thof each month will result in a late-payment fee of $20 by the 8th and 15th of each month. Subsequent failure to pay will be handled on a case by case basis.

Failure to pay for one month will result in your child being dismissed from class until payment is made. Transcripts and report cards cannot be issued if there is an outstanding charge for your child.

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

For information on scholarships and tuition assistance, visit here.