Testing Schedule


Grade Exams
KG-2 Terranova
3-8 ELA & Math State Exams
4 Science State Exam
8-12 NYS Regents
10-12 AP Exams, SAT Subject Tests, & CLEP Exams
11-12 SAT

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3rd-8th Grade State Exams Practice Materials

Al-Mamoor School Regents Exam Schedule


Grade Exam Exam Schedule Practice Materials
8 Algebra I Exam Schedule NYS Regents Practice Materials
8 Living Environment
9 Geometry
9 Living Environment
10 Algebra II
10 Physics
10 English Language Arts
10 World History
11 US History
11 Physics
12 Arabic


Additional Exams

Exam What is This Exam? Study Materials
SHSAT Learn more

Free Practice Tests.

Study materials purchasable on Amazon.com

AP Exams Learn more

Free Practice Tests.

Study materials purchasable on Amazon.com

SAT Subject Tests Learn more

Free Practice Tests.

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Study & Practice Materials


SAT Learn more

Free Practice Tests.

Study materials purchasable on Amazon.com. Our study material recommendations for the SAT:

1.       Reading: Erica Meltzer’s Critical Reader

2.       Grammar: Erica Meltzer’s Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar

3.       Math: PWN the SAT Math Guide if studying independently. College Panda’s SAT Math if studying in a group.


Tips to Study Effectively


  1. Stay Hydrated: Psychologists have found that just 300ml of water can boost attention by almost 25 percent. Studies show that students who keep hydrated perform significantly better than those who do not.
  2. Rest Well: Researchers believe that sleep affects learning and memory in two ways: Lack of sleep impairs a person’s ability to focus and learn efficiently. Sleep is necessary to consolidate a memory (make it stick) so that it can be recalled in the future.
  3. Have a Consistent Schedule: Cramming places significant stress onto the brain. When the brain is overworked too much, too often, it increases feelings of anxiety, frustration, fatigue and even confusion. Like the human body, the brain needs time to breathe, relax and refocus.
  4. Take Short Breaks While Studying: Research suggests that students should take 5 minute breaks every 30 minutes, give or take, for effective studying. Studies show that short breaks can positively affect focus, attention, and retention.
  5. Study in a Group: Studying in groups can prevent procrastination, increase motivation, be time efficient, and expose students to alternative, effective study skills.
  6. Take Practice Tests Periodically: When studying for a significant, impending exam, such as the SAT, CLEP, or Regents exams, it is important to take practice tests periodically. Students should study for their exam throughout the week while taking practice tests every Sunday morning, for example.