Al-Mamoor School strives to offer students opportunities and overcome limitations while introducing and cultivating Islamic reverence, with Allah’s assistance. Below you will find some of the many opportunities and accomplishments currently available at Al-Mamoor School:

Full time school for grades 3k-12

Affordable tuition

A sound Islamic Studies, Quran and Arabic Curriculum from Grades k-12

Universal Pre Kindergarten Program

Saturday Enrichment Program for Grades 1-8

SAT Course in Partnership with Princeton Review

Various Competitions (Quran, Calligraphy, Islamic, Debate, Speech, Math, History, Spelling Bee, Debate)

MCN Young Girl’s Leadership Club

Daily Salaah held in school and special arrangements for Jummah prayer

AP courses

Internship for Highschool students

Computer courses for our Elementary students

After school Title 1 Tutoring Program

Family Community Events

Art Night

Cultural Day

Collaborative PTA to address the issues that are close to all of our hearts

Coaching for students and teachers

About Us

From humble beginnings in the basement of Jamaica Muslim Center to one of the leading islamic schools in NYC, Al-Mamoor School has been able to thrive, going from an islamic school in a masjid/mosque to an independent entity, through the dedication and overwhelming support of board members, staff, community members, and students.

At Al-Mamoor School, we value both academic and Islamic fields, and we seek to strike a balance between them. We yearn for our students to become creative and proficient in language, mathematics, science, and social studies, all while embodying instilled, cultivated Islamic reverence. Through our rigorous curricula, we aspire to empower our students to become effective, competent leaders who operate with nurtured Islamic compasses. To this end, we work and network to provide students with opportunities, work with students to overcome limitations, and work with families to ensure students are adequately nurtured.
We welcome families, parents and students alike, to our school website, and we encourage all visitors to browse and contact us for more information.

Preschool: Our school participates in the UPK program funded by New York City. In the reading program, students build literacy competencies, interests in reading, and discrimination skills between letters for sounds. For math, they build upon mathematical concepts, manipulating objects, counting, and recognizing numerals. Students will also be able to demonstrate their social/emotional skills, build on their independence and self-confidence, self-control, and learn basic interaction skills, such as following rules, making friends, and sharing. They will develop their fine motor skills such as writing, coloring, cutting, and activities of daily living skills. In physical education, they will build their gross motor skills through balancing, running, jumping, throwing, and catching in a structured play setting.

Kindergarten: Follows the common Core Curriculum. Islam is integrated into all subjects. Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Arabic Grammar, Islamic Studies, Quran, Social Studies and Art are part of the curriculum. At the Kindergarten level, focus will be put on the command of phonics, rudimentary writing skills, and developing fine motor skills. Emphasis will be put on creativity and developing leadership qualities.

1st – 6th Grade: Follows the Common Core Curriculum. As students move on, special emphasis is paid on reading and creative writing skills in English Language Arts. Math includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division among other manipulation of numbers. Spoken Arabic language with proper usage of grammar, reading of the Quran with tajweed, memorization of Surahs, and Islamic Studies are all part of the daily curriculum. Memorization of the entire Juz Amma is completed around 4th grade depending on student’s pace. Additional classes include Science, Social Studies, Art, Physical Education and Computer. The use of manipulatives, games, projects, and various activities are utilized to maximize learning and make it fun for the students. A great deal of focus is placed on Islamic History, Arabic as a second language, and training in the appropriate Islamic conduct.

Middle School (7th– 12th): Following the Common Core Curriculum, students take ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students in 8th grade take Algebra 1 and Earth Science, followed by the NYS Regents Exams. All students take Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran classes. During this transitional time, students continue to grow and develop their personalities. Al-Mamoor School inspires and motivates students to acquire the skills they need to succeed in High School and beyond.

High School: During this stage, Al-Mamoor School students undertake challenging courses that prepare them to tackle Regents exams mandated by New York State, such as English, Chemistry, Living Environment, U. S. History, Global History, Trigonometry, Geometry, Physics, and Arabic Language. Our dedicated and committed teachers begin to prepare students for both, SAT exams and College life, by integrating research and implementing college level reading and writing materials in all lessons. A strong focus is also put on preparing students for the real world and their professional career by building confidence and encouraging public speaking through Socratic Seminars, Elocution Day, Quran competitions, Spelling Bee, and various other public speaking events.

Physical Education: Along with a strong focus on academic success as well as the mental and spiritual aspects of all students, Al-Mamoor School also encourages fitness and a healthy lifestyle by offering and mandating Physical Education courses in all grades.

Foreign Language: We are offering our students Arabic language as a second language to maintain their Islamic identity and also to strengthen their understanding of Islamic and Quranic studies.

Admissions Requirements

  1.       Official Identification: Birth Certificate or passport
  2.       Immunization records
  3.       Non-Refundable registration fee of $150 (Kindergarten and up)
  4.       Guardianship papers if applicable
  5.       For 2nd grade and up: applicants need to submit their last report card, test scores, and other relevant school records.
  6.       All applicants for KG and higher will be tested for placement.
  7.       Kindergarten applicants must be 5 years old by December 31.
  8.       Pre-Kindergarten applicants must be 4 years old by December 31.
  9.       Applicants from 6th grade and up will be scheduled for an interview prior to admission. (Parents will be notified of date and time of interview.)

Acceptance decisions are made  by the Al-Mamoor administration as soon as testing is complete and relevant information has been received. Decisions made by the administration are communicated to the parents as promptly as possible.

Al-Mamoor School admits students regardless of any race, gender, color, nationality, ethnic origin, or religion.


 78-31 Parsons Blvd,

Fresh Meadows, NY 11366

School Hours

M-Th: 8:30am – 2:30pm

Weekends: Closed

Phone Email & Social Media

(718) 380-7040

Our Principal

Arsheen Sayeed


I would like to welcome our parents, students and staff to Al-Mamoor’s website. At Al-Mamoor we believe the key to success is collaboration and cooperation. Our school strives

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 We thoroughly enjoy Sister Fahmida’s Math/ELA class. She teaches with great delicacy and balance and continually demonstrates patience beyond measure. Her leadership was key in bridging the gap for my child’s math issues. She helped to uncover his deficiency was rooted in inaccurate memorization of multiplication tables. This cleared much confusion for him and led to success of long division, fractions, and decimals, etc.


     Thank you so much for extending not only your services throughout the summer to our families but providing teachers whom conduct themselves with such kindness and grace!



Aminah Hassan

Thank you for all your hard work. We see all about the dynamic way you deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that our son is learning so much. My son is so lucky to have a teacher like you who truly loves and cares for him. Your encourage our child to grab every opportunity along the way. That learning will make him triumphant in life.

Again Thank you for everything that you do!



Md Alam (Adyan’s dad)


Assalamoalaikum, sister first of all thank you so much for your hard working with our kids. The STEAM program was excellent, me and my kids really enjoyed it. All projects you did with kids are very creative and informative. Especially I like this program because it enhances kids creativity, they did most of their work independently by their own thoughts, it increases their social skills with others by remote learning (which is very difficult for kids).Again thanks for such an amazing effort.

Anabia ‘s mother

Masahallah, I absolutely loved the summer program, it taught Lamya how to be creative and also finish what she started. Sometimes I would sit besides her to listen to the class, I was so happy with the way you would explain to the students and answer the questions with patience and in courage them to keep going, u did a great job Masahallah. It was an excellent way to keep the kids busy during this difficult time. ️

Jazakillah khairun Lamya’s mom.

The summer program was very good. It taught me the Quran, Rules of Tajweed, and Qaida’. The program is very helpful. My experience was that we review Surahs. We learn lots of new things. Whenever we make mistakes we go over them as a class. The program eventually made me happy. It is great to have the program. We watch videos to learn. We do it one by one. Alhamdulliah, we finished the Tajweed rules in 2020. We review everything. It is actually the best summer class I had in this school.          


Alhumdullilah I’m very grateful to have my child participate in the summer Quran class. My daughter was able to learn and review the surahs more clearly using tajweed. Jazakallah to Br. Zafeer, he taught the students very well Alhumdullilah. Looking forward to more programs in the future. Jazakallahu Sr. Arsheen for introducing us the program and as well as the other summer programs. 

Assalamualaikum. I really enjoyed this class because it’s enjoyable and educational. I really improved reading, memorization and writing since I joined this class. I also really appreciate how some teachers take their time to teach some kids. Inshallah Allah will give you and your families a place in Jannah and give you rewards. Assalamualaikum.   


-Sumaya Hussain

Thank you so much for your hard work and teaching skills, Jarjis enjoyed his classes very much and he learned a lot from you, his “Teacher Momtaz”.  He had a lot of fun doing the projects and was sad that it was over. In the future l hope his classes are as entertaining so he does not lose focus. Thanks again

-Falgoony Sultana (Jarjis’s mother)

 I am one of Sr. Houria’s students. As a student, I think I should share my feedback towards this course. Alhumdullilah, with the blessing of Allah SWT I am learning a lot from this course. Sister Houria is an Amazing teacher. She knows everything very well. I am glad that I am her direct student. May Allah give all of us blessings and accept our deeds, and accept our dua. Ameen.

Suraiya Azad

We are Hamza Hussien parents we really appreciated from Sr. Houria class . Hamza learned a lot about Qaada and the teacher is amazing mashallah.  She cares about every single word and she tries to teach Hamza more to make him catch up in the advanced class . 

 May Allah bless all of you… Jazakallah khair


Everyday Sumaiya would ask if her class is starting. Usually she doesn’t like to be in school and doesn’t pay attention but she gets really excited to do projects with Sr. Momtaz. These projects made learning fun for her and helps her pay attention. Thank you.

Sumaiya’s mom

You know, the program was fun. The projects Are Positive for everyone. This is A “Combo, Buy 1 get 1 free”. How?
Well You are doing something FUN. And At the SAME you are learning STEAM.
This program is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ program.

Ayaan Sheikh’s mom,
Grade -5.)

Thank you for hard-working with our kids. The STEAM summer program was an excellent experience. She learned a lot and she enjoyed.  It helped with her creativity and

we all learned from you.

jazakom allah khayran.

Sajida’s dad

The class that I attended for summer was excellent and well done. Sr. Fahmida has taught us in a very kindhearted manner and had a passion for us. I appreciate the curriculum that I had, and I learned a lot this summer.

I really appreciate the time you have given to my daughter Anika. Alhumdullilah she learned a lot over this summer class. You have been such a good teacher. 

Jazakallhu khair for putting all the effort you have given!!!!!!! 

I really enjoyed my child doing these few summer classes it has helped him a lot and it prepares him for 6th grade.


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