Summer Program Packet  

The following summer packets will count for 15% of students’ MP1 grade in the 2021-2022 school year. Moreover, incoming 7-12th grade students will be tested on the summer packets early into the school year insha’Allah 

All summer packets are due on September 24, 2021

Pre-K going to Kindergarten

Kindergarten going to First Grade

First Grade going to Second Grade

Second Grade going to Third Grade

Third Grade going to Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade going to Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade going to Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade going to Seventh Grade

Select one ELA packet and complete
Select one Social Studies Packet and complete
Reading Packet is extra credit
Complete Math and Quran packet

 Seventh Grade going to Eighth Grade

ELA-complete entire packet
Math- complete entire packet
Social Studies Founding Fathers & Declaration of Independence only
Quran-complete entire packet

Eighth Grade going to Ninth Grade

ELA- Only work on the Questions for Wife’s Story and Hunger Artist.
Select two short stories or novels you have read over the summer and write a journal entry for each. In your journal entry you should incorporate at least three of the following Literary terms:
If you complete ALL the Journal Entries it will count as extra credit. They are not required
Complete summer assignments for:
Earth Science
Social Studies

Ninth Grade going to Tenth Grade

ELA – Complete one option for each book, not five. Completing 5 will award you extra credit.
Chemistry- Complete 4 of the 7 assignments
Math- Complete pgs. 1-14
Social Studies-Complete all
Quran-Complete pgs 3-4. First 2 pages extra credit

Tenth Grade going to Eleventh Grade

ELA- Complete entire assignment
Math- Complete entire assignment
Chemistry- Complete 4 of the 7 assignments
Quran-pg 3&4 only. First 2 pages extra credit

Eleventh Grade going to Twelfth Grade

 ELA – Read only one novel (Grendel or The Stranger) and complete the corresponding assignment. How to Read Literature Like a Professor is not required.
Math – Complete the 18 page packet on the website. Chapter one of the calc textbook is not required
AP Human Geography – Read and complete the questions for chapter 1 only Quran – Complete entire assignment