Spelling Bee

Welcome to Al-Mamoor School’s Spelling Bee! For the Spelling Bee competition, students are asked to spell a broad selection of words. To compete, contestants must memorize the spellings of words, as provided in the word lists below, and recite them accordingly.

Spelling Bee Phases:

  1. Preparation: Al-Mamoor School students are given ample time to study and practice.
  2. Tryouts: Students are tested in class by their English teacher. Top performing students in each class move onto phase 3.
  3. Al-Mamoor School Competition: Top performing students in each class compete before a school audience and select judges.
  4. City-Wide Islamic Schools Competition: First place students in each grade are then sponsored by Al-Mamoor School to compete against students in other Islamic Schools in the Islamic Schools Spelling Bee.

Note, parents can register their children for the Islamic Schools Spelling Bee at their own prerogative.

Spelling Bee Rules and Regulations

Word Lists

Grade Levels
Kindergarten Level K
1st Grade Level 1
2nd Grade Level 2
3rd Grade Level 3
4th & 5th Grade Level 4
6th & 7th Grade Level 5
8th Grade Level 6