Students work

Eid Project:
Students were asked to create a short Eid video that displays Eid Greetings in a powerful and creative way.

All of our students worked very hard and created exemplary work. We want to recognize all of them and have loaded their videos for everyone to enjoy.

The following components were used to evaluate student work:

Powerful message
Clarity in expression

After much deliberation, the following students were chosen as the winners of the Eid competition:

1st place- 11th grade class and Amirah Miah (2nd grade)
2nd place- Rabtah Jinan (8th grade) and Mahin Bhuyan (8th grade)
3rd place- Dania Hassouneh (8th grade) and Muhammad Kamal (5th grade)

Click the link below to view all the videos

We also compiled a lot of the Eid videos together and created one video: