Model Transcript and Resume

Points of note:

  1. GPA – Grade Point Average (i.e your cumulative average ). GPA values are calculated on the following standard:
  2. Credits – The weight and duration of a given course. A 0.5 credit course carries half the weight of a 1 credit course when calculating GPA.
  3. Failing – Earning a score of 64.9% or less in any given course will result in an F. Students will not receive credits for failed courses.
  4. Semesters – Every school year is divided into two semesters, Fall and Spring.
  5. High school level courses taken in 8th grade earn students high school credits if students pass respective regents exams. Enrolling in Algebra I in 8th grade, for example, will earn students high school credits if students pass the Algebra I regents.
  6. AP Courses are graded on a weighted scale. All AP courses receive a 1.0 GPA weighted increase on student transcripts. Earning a 3.3 on an AP course will result in a 4.3 on student transcripts.