Principal’s club

Principal’s Club

Through difficulties and ease, Al-Mamoor School has been by our side. It has always been giving to us by opening the doors to knowledge and blessing us with a big family. The Principal’s club has been established to further promote the knowledge and environment this school provides. We strive to fulfill the needs of students, build the spirit of the school, and produce a more enjoyable and insightful school experience.

The president provides leadership and organization to the club, coordinates club activities, and formulates the decisions of the club. The vice president further ensures the legitimacy of club actions as well as aids in executing the plans. He/she is responsible for presiding at meetings in the absence of the president. The treasurer is in charge of the club’s financials and record-keeping. The graphic designer’s duty is to create content that promotes events and activities. 

We need members to provide input as to the needs of the school and assist us in planning and organizing events. To achieve this, we need students grades 7-12 to join so as to bring together different perspectives. Above that, Principal Club is an opportunity to create a better school dynamic, one in which students are effectively learning in a comfortable environment that promotes growth. If interested in joining the club, please contact me at

Grades: 7-12



  • Advisor: Sr.Arsheen
  • President: Taskin Zaman
  • Vice President: Myesha Hossain
  • Treasurer: Rukhsar Aziz
  • Graphic Designer: Sahara Mirza

Authored by Taskin Zaman