Welcome to Key Club!

Key Club is a high school organization led by students! We aim to help the community and those around us by any means possible—whether it be donations, helping the homeless, or something as simple as raising awareness, we always strive to make the world a better place one step at a time. In doing so, we grow as individuals and as leaders by taking initiative when needed most. Key Club members try their best when it comes to community services such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing, and organizing food drives. We also build upon our social and leadership skills by hosting meetings, contacting different organizations, and even holding electoral positions for the club. More than anything else, we aim to be better people on a daily basis and want to help the community in any way, shape, or form possible.

Each position of Key Club has their own distinct roles and duties. The president is responsible for setting and monitoring the goals of the club, administrating club meetings, and delegating tasks as necessary. The vice president serves and furthers the goals of the president and other club officers. He/she also learns the duties of the president in order to fill in or take over as necessary. The secretary deals with record-keeping as well as maintaining all important files of the club. The treasurer is in charge of the club’s money collection and disbursement. He/she prepares and monitors the budget and maintains accurate financial records. The webmaster is accountable for the online body of the club. He/she oversees the management of content, marketing, advertising, and fulfillment of donations/events. Lastly, members of the club are heavily involved in choosing what projects we take on, where the money goes, and taking part in the fulfillment of the various projects throughout the year.

Students, please consider joining Key Club! Key Club is designed for one purpose and that is to help the community. As a collective, we aim to give back to society and in doing we grow closer to each other and ourselves. We learn to enjoy the little things in life and appreciate all we have. By joining, you not only feel the rewards of helping others in this life, but you also earn good deeds for the hereafter. While earning the long hours needed of community service for colleges, you can also earn hasanat. If you are interested in joining, contact our Al-Mamoor Keyclub team at almkeyclub@gmail.com.
Advisor: Sr. Layla
President: Rabia Khan
Vice President: Zainab Abdelaziz
Secretary: Sahara Mirza
Treasurer: Taskin Zaman
Webmaster: Omaid Rahimzada