Honors Program

Al-Mamoor School’s 2nd-3rd Grade Honors Program

What the Honors Program isAbout

Students who perform or show potential at significantly advanced academic levels when compared to others their age qualify for the Honors Program. The Honors Program develops the abilities and academic excellence of highly capable students through challenging learning opportunities such as acceleration, compacting of the curriculum, independent study, extension options, cluster grouping, and open-ended questioning strategies beyond the level of standard level courses. Emphasis will be placed on differentiation, project-based learning and challenging students through critical, creative, and evaluative thinking.

Instructional Materials and Methods

The Honors program emphasizes differentiation in instructional practices for advanced learners. Instructional strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Teacher as facilitator, coach and model.
  • Student-led learning and research
  • Student exchange of ideas
  • Project-based, problem-solving, and seminar style learning with writing concentrations
  • Use of higher-level critical thinking skills and creativity for advanced learners.
  • Use of multiple texts and supplementary materials
  • Use of computer programs
  • Compacting
  • Learning contracts
  • Independent learning contracts
  • Complex instruction
  • Group investigation

Honors Program Admissions Requirements

Parents interesting in having their children join the honors program must complete the Parent Request Form and have one of your child’s current teachers complete the Teacher Referral Form. For students new to Al-Mamoor School, parents must also complete the regular enrollment as listed here: Finally, students enrolling in the Honors Program are required to take an entrance exam.
Al-Mamoor School’s Honors Program requires that students maintain a 3 or higher in all classes each marking period. Additionally, students in the Honors Program must maintain a 95% attendance rate. Being absent more than 9 times throughout the year, 3 times in a single month, or earning a 2 or lower in any class may result in your child being exited from the program.

Parent Request Form


Teacher Referral Form


Application Deadline: March 15, 2021

Tuition & Fees: Tuition & fees due for the Honors Program are the regular tuition rate, supply fee, and registration fee (applicable to new students only) as listed here. Students in the Honors are required to pay an additional $700 deposit upon acceptance into the program. This deposit will be used to finance projects and materials for the program and is not refundable after the program begins.

Applications must be submitted to the office physically or via email at almamoorschool@gmail.com