Book Club

In a word, the book club is a way to be imaginative. We know many students would rather watch TV than open a book, but we hope to change that. We want students to look at books the way we do. Books are not simply a bundle of papers stuck together that your teachers make you read for homework. They are more than that; they are like a television in our heads. If you are ever feeling down, just open a book.
We host zoom meetings every week, Tuesdays and Fridays, at 3:15pm – 3:45pm. In these meetings, we select books that we all like, read them, and even watch movies based on books. We read all kinds of books and members can recommend any kinds of books they like.
Reading with the members and experiencing laughter and happiness together is great. We want the book club to be like a safe place for everyone. No one is judged for their thoughts or comments. It is a safe, friendly environment.
Something else that we are super excited to announce is that we do giveaways!! Every month, one member is selected at random to win a giveaway. To join the giveaway, members need to join the meetings often. Winners of the giveaway get to pick from a selection of books or one of their own choosing. Their prize is delivered to their home. Moreover, whatever amount the book will cost, the same amount will be given to charity or a mosque. If interested in joining the club, please contact me at